AS 3660.2 2017

12, Mar 2024

AS 3660.2: 2017
Review: 14th May 2018

The RSA Microsoft forms have been updated to take into consideration AS 3660.2:2017. 

On 22nd December 2017, the revised Australian Standard AS 3660.2: 2017 “Termite Management in and around Existing Buildings” was published.

Note. A copy can be purchased from the SAI Global website.

The biggest change is the introduction of ‘Additional Tests’. AS 3660.2: 2017, Clause (e) (v), states that “where areas of high moisture are detected during inspection that cannot be readily explained, or termite activity is suspected, but can’t be readily located, special non-destructive tools such as a termite radar unit and/or thermal imaging camera and/or a termite detector animal should be used”.

To meet the above recommendation, RSA has introduced a definition for “Additional Tests” in the termite pre-engagement inspection agreement and standard termite detection report. The standard termite detection report also has provision for noting the use of specialist tools. 
The carrying out of Additional Tests is only a recommendation of the Standard, but when needed the use of specialist detection tools should be encouraged as it promotes ‘best practice’.

In addition to the standard (regular) termite inspection, AS 3660.2: 2017 sets out the requirements for special purpose inspections. Special purpose reports can be used to record the results of any follow-up inspection or inspections associated with ongoing works (e.g. termite eradication program) or as a part of termite risk management system maintenance. The existing RSA “Follow-Up Special Purpose Termite Detection Report” has been revised to reflect the requirements of AS 3660.2: 2017. 

Treatment / Management
The requirement for a Termite Management Plan is new and its purpose is to inform the client as to the necessary works and actions to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the proposed termite management process and its likely outcomes. Importantly, the Termite Management Plan is not a quotation for work and does not take away the need for a Subterranean Termite Management Proposal & Agreement (a contract to carry out work) to be completed and agreed with the client.  

Due to the wider use of termite aggregation systems, the previous baiting and monitoring system attachments have now been incorporated into the revised Subterranean Termite Management Proposal & Agreement. 

The existing ‘Certificate of Subterranean Termite Treatment (for existing buildings)’ has been superseded by a “Subterranean Termite Management Systems Certificate of Installation in accordance with AS 3660.2”. This new Certificate confirms the installation of a management system or systems to help manage the risk of future subterranean termite access to and existing building.

The new Certificate does not deal with termite treatment measures. In the case of a termite eradication program, a follow-up special purpose inspection report may record evidence of colony collapse.

The issue of a Certificate and/or Special Purpose Report may be used to trigger any Free Service Period.