27 Mar 2024

Review AS 3660.1:2014

This review was released in April 2015 and updated in January 2023.  Since the first legal compliance review of the original Report Systems Australia Pty Ltd (RSA) forms to AS 3660.1-2000 was undertaken, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) commenced operation.  This review outlines the

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12 Mar 2024

AS 3660.2 2017

AS 3660.2: 2017 Review: 14th May 2018 The RSA Microsoft forms have been updated to take into consideration AS 3660.2:2017.  Background On 22nd December 2017, the revised Australian Standard AS 3660.2: 2017 “Termite Management in and around Existing Buildings” was published

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01 Feb 2024

Introducing Report Systems - Video

Report Systems from Report Systems on Vimeo.

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26 Feb 2024

Does your report meet consumer expectations?

One of the most important considerations of the inspection and reporting process is meeting consumer expectations. When completing a pre-purchase building or timber pest report, you must set out the findings of inspection in a manner which can be clearly understood by the client. It is simply

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24 Jan 2024

Inspections Basics to Avoid Claims

As a building inspector or timber pest inspector you work in a highly litigious occupation and the trend of litigation appears to be getting worse. There is an increasing number of claims coming from breaches that could be considered fundamental basics of a building and timber pest inspection. Below

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18 Dec 2023

Conditions Conducive To Timber Pest Attack

When conducting a timber pest inspection, it is important to ascertain if the site and construction of the house are highly conducive to timber pests. Factors include, but are not limited to: What is the construction of the house (e.g. the house is on a cut and fill slab construction)? Is th

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10 Nov 2023

Major and Minor Defects

Major Defects Major defects: are defects of significant magnitude where rectification has to be carried out in order to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property. Major defects need to be reported on using a defect statement. As a guide, when making a defec

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01 Sep 2023

Welcome to the Report Systems Portal

The Report Systems Portal is more than just reports. You get access to not only industry leading reports that have been vetted for legal and techincial accuracy, you get access to the Report Systems Knowledge Base as part of your subscription.

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